Medium Dubia (Cupped)

Medium Dubia (Cupped) -

Our cupped option is great for hobbyists that want a convenient alternative to "boxed" or "bagged" feeders, and pet stores wanting a professional pre-packaged solution.

The 24ct Medium will come in a LABELED cup for retail sale!

Approximately .75" in length, and a great choice for most reptiles including sub-adult bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, and chameleons. Our Medium Dubia are about the length of an adult cricket, but heavier.

We do all counts by weight in grams and we always weigh heavy to insure over count for dead and undersized Dubia.

We do not ship Dubia to Florida, Hawaii, or outside the US.

All Dubia nymphs are a mix of male and female; not sexed unless otherwise specified.

$ 5.00