House your Dubia roaches in a glass or smooth sided plastic container with a cover that provides ventilation and prevents escapes.  You can house them at room temperature unless you want to breed them, in which case additional heat is necessary.

Provide your Dubia roaches with as much surface area as possible in their enclosure by stacking egg crate vertically.  This will give them a place to hide and stand and keep them from crushing each other.

Feed your Dubia roaches a variety of dry fruit, grain or plant-based food including: commercially available roach chow, powdered grains, commercially available insect gutload, a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially orange ones which contain carotenoids. Avoid high protein food such as commercial dog or cat food which can harm the reptiles that eat them.  Water is best provided in the form of polymer crystals to prevent drowning.

Clean the roach cage every few weeks by transferring the roaches, egg crate, food and water bowls to another enclosure and scooping out the droppings ("frass")  that accumulates at the bottom.

For a more detailed care sheet as well as comprehensive instructions for breeding Dubia roaches, please visit our website