Medium NutriGrubs (Cupped)

Medium NutriGrubs (Cupped) -

Our Medium NutriGrubs (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) are a little smaller than our Large NutriGrubs and are a great staple food item for many reptiles including hatchling bearded dragons, hatchling geckos, baby chameleons, frogs, etc. They require no dusting with calcium powder as they contain all the calcium your pet needs, and they can be stored in a fridge for a month!

ATTENTION PET STORES: Our 100ct Medium NutriGrubs will be in a LABELED cup for retail sale!

Phoenix Worms®, CalciWorms® and ReptiWorms™ are all brand names of the same species of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF Larvae) known as Hermetia illucens.

Phoenix Worms® is a registered trademark of Insect Science Resource LLC. All rights reserved.
CalciWorms® is a registered trademark of Timberline Fisheries. All rights reserved.
ReptiWorms™ is a subsidiary of Animal Specialties Inc. All rights reserved.

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